If my gal were a song

“Blue night” , it is

For she is full of love , romance and fun…..

If my gal were a flower

Rose , it is indeed

Yellow , dazzling like the sunlight…..

If my gal were a diamond

Black , sparkling even in shady places…..

If my gal were an animal

Fierce cat it is,

For she bites , she scratches your body and calls for attention…….

If her eye were to be traced

Doe it is,

Her poignant memory resembles it………

If my gal were an addiction

Opium it is ,

She gets deep to your brain and does not leave you easily……

If my gal were an occupation

Thief it is,

She stole my heart and carried away my soul

Now , I risk my life on her hands…….

If my gal were a furniture(piece)

Couch it is

Not that she could be cast ; for she brings me at ease……

If my gal were a clothing

Innerwear it is

Very comfortable and protecting……

If my gal were a toxic

Cyanide it is,

For she steals your soul and leaves you dead……

If my gal were a beverage

Coffee it is,

Her first sip leaves you mesmerized; time stands still

Yet you crave for more………

If my gal were a love position

Harmony it is,

Not just within; but a lot more than that

For she fell in love with me when I gave her multiple pleasures in this pose…….

If my gal were a mood swing

A mother to be it is,

For her mood swings are on the roller coaster ride…….

But my gal is my gal

A combination of all these

Yet very different in an ever-changing way…..

I like her the way she is

Needless to say that , I , love her with all my might

For she means the world to me…….

Love that she respects and fascinates

My magnetic persona

Hope her love for me would never change

In times to come…….


  • Harsh S








the gal who plays guitar

The girl who held guitar

brilliant though , she considered herself at par….

unisex dresses did she wore

helping with household work she swore….

keeping away from a true friend was her trend

she saved all her salary ; a new Jew comes to town to lend…..

the sweetness in her voice was her sex appeal

like me she loathed “comedy nights with Kapil….”

as she held the strings &  struck it hard

little did she know , in tune was her chord….

what outrages me , why she keeps secrets from me ?

heart & mind to be an open book , I want her to be…

robust with positivity , care and intelligence

makes the cruel customers beg for penance….

The way she held the guitar , makes her cool

you are stupid to mistake her for a fool…

a fast learner , she plays in tune

her performance will be live on youtube soon…

heart of the organisation , little does she know

That she always succeeds , however tough the path she chose….

fickle is she when it comes to love

always falls for the wrong man , neither Cupid’s fault nor dove…

hope not too late to see true love

who would swipe her of her feet & pull her chubbs…

Ambidexterous is the gal , for she sings

as she pulls the chords to the guitar’s strings…

The gal who plays guitar

neither tabla , nor piano nor sitar….

the girl who plays guitar

heartbeat of many , for she is a rockstar…

the girl who plays guitar

soon she’s gonna be a superstar…

The gal who plays guitar….

by-Harsh S

the poem is an inspiration , a mad gal who turned out to be my best friend.. our friendship grows deeper each passing day…


how hard could it be…

any relation has its own roller coaster ride. everyone wants to follow the path less traveled by ; to create a new story …. the truth is each story is the same at surface with difference in details. each relation has its own complexities , yet the shit is the same .

tell me… if the guy goes not call enough and give you enough time , caress you , spoil you he is emotionally unavailable ….. if he is a little possessive , takes care of you , he is not letting you be…

P.S.: The satanic love stories and songs are to be blamed for all these.

love should be like water… free flowing… instead it turns out to be a mere adjustment….how hard could it be to fall in love with one person and be reciprocated with same feelings…. tell me if someone knows the magical solution.


a splash of colours

Holi , a festival of colours is about to be celebrated not only in India but the entire world . however , as we fight in offices struggling for leaves to be in our hometown for holi do we realize where have the colours gone our lives.

Life as bachelor is complicated. Everything is dynamic yet lonely ; everything is wild yet mundane… everything is youthful yet ineffective….

how hard we try to be wanna be….. and end up falling hard or alas wasting time…

Let us try , this holi to life our life with beautiful and purposeful colours. Let us help someone in need . Let us be a reason of change. Do something which changes our lives and life of others.

Well i have a small  list of things to do this festive season. I’ll be more social and try meeting friends and family in person. I’ll reconcile with people who i don’t talk anymore due to petty misunderstandings. I’ll take a step forward and strengthen my relations with old pals.

Tell me about your holi preparations and what one new thing would you do this HOLI…

Wishing everyone a colourful and delightful Holi… May you burst into laughter and have  a time of your life this Holi…..


In the Heart of The Monster: Eight days in Mexico City (Part-II) — Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Bhupinder Singh & Bhaswati Ghosh I don’t feel like it’s a dead person’s house I’m visiting. Frida is alive and kicking, it seems, welcoming the crowd into her personal space, not shy to share her tears, convictions and even scandals with us in a way that feels honest and liberating at once.

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